#033 | Signs of Hope

Peaking out?

Multiple pharmaceutical companies are now on the race of getting EUA (Emergency Use Authorization) on back of promising clinical trials.

While the peak load of cases have been coming down, it is not over until it is over as we’ve seen in the past.

Banks have continued to drag down the key indices, on account of fears around asset quality and moratorium answers – something that we had discussed in edition #032 alongside our house research done on the technical side for HDFC Bank.

This week’s technical views have been encapsulated here.

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This week we did a deep dive on Tips Industries.

While doing a research on that space, we found an interesting study by IMI – the apex think tank for the music industry in India about the overview of the industry.

The global music industry is worth ~22 bn of which today streaming comprises ~10 bn.

Compare this to India – which is right now at USD 0.2 bn with almost 85% flow coming from streaming!

While the industry is still nascent, we might be on the exponential trajectory to do in music what we have done with payments thanks to UPI.

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