#036 - How much is too much?

DHFL, Sun TV & Steel

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I came across three things this week and all of them made me ask a very similar question to myself.

How much is too much?

Let’s start with the first one.


Between Monday and Tuesday of the week that went buy, shares of DHFL were hitting Upper Circuit.

Whenever a stock hits Upper Circuit, it means a very simple thing – the demand for that stock is significantly higher than the supply.

It was no surprise that the Equity value was going to be wiped to 0 and lo behold, the NSE was swift in announcing on Friday that the shares will not be available from trading from 14th June 2021.


An analyst bashing the management on a Concall.

Again, how much is too much.

Being a part of 23,325 WhatsApp groups related to information and discussion around stocks my phone kept buzzing with people reaching out to me and talking about how a senior analyst ended up bashing the management of Sun TV for reducing the dividend payout.

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