22nd November, 2020

#012 & #013

Boeing 737 Max is flying again

If you haven’t read the whole development until now, this is a great place for you to start.

So finally, after months of protracted battles - the FAA approves Boeing 737 Max to fly again. Guess who was happy back home?

33% gain in 5 days.

Oh, the article that I wrote is now an Editor’s Pick at Investing.com

Not bragging, here it is.

You can check out the article here or buy me a 🍺 here.

Laxmi Vilas Bank - Finally the suspense ends

Indiabulls Housing Finance. Rejected.

Clix Capital. Lost.

Not giving an answer sometimes is also an answer.

Finally, DBS India will get close to 650+ branches of the Chennai based bank.

So what has really unfolded?

Large NBFC? - Become a Bank now

RBI rolled out a new report citing reasons for the need for more banks in the country.

We’ve seen the whole gamut of schemes and plans - Small Finance Bank, Payments Bank, On - tap licensing etc. rolled out in the past, not to much avail.

Will this be the new game-changer? - Most probably, yes.

Desk Productivity need not be expensive

I was going through a few table lamp options when someone suggested me to go for the Dyson Lightcycle. Well, for the uninitiated, it’s a 40k desk lamp.

Yes - INR 40,000.

And it’s the fanciest lamp you can ever get your hands on. Here’s the trailer.

The desk lamp has a trailer.

Thanks to Amazon and some ingenuity, I asked myself - there has to be a cheaper, reliable and an Indian version to this.

Boy, I was in for a surprise.

Here’s what I found.

The Wipro Lamp, powered by LED and USB Power!

Just 38,500 cheaper than the Dyson Lightcycle. And there’s 6 more ambient lights too, for the night-time party.

Sweet deal no?

(These pictures were taken while writing the newsletter. You can check out more about this amazing new addition to my desk here.)

Alpha Swing

Last week’s first newsletter fared well this week. (Hit Ratio - 100%, Overall - 100%). Here’s the update. This week’s setup is here.

Webinar Updates

December schedule is out. Is there someone you would like to see next on the fireside chat? Do let me know!

Song of the Week

The last time I performed this song, I was in school in 2011. What a great cover on this timeless classic.

Book of The Week

In this week’s webinar, I had the opportunity to host Saurabh Mukherjea and Anupam Gupta, authors of The Victory Project.

We extensively discussed a lot on almost 15-20 books - the central theme being reading voraciously to develop first-principles thinking.

(Links to the books are in the YouTube video description.)

So what is first-principles thinking?

Ayush and Rahul have done a phenomenal job in collating an exhaustive guide. It’s free and you can access it here.

The book of the week is Originals by Adam Grant. Saurabh swears that this a great starting point to stimulate creative thought.