Is the world of advertising changing?

Things are getting interesting in the online space.

The world of online advertising in soon set to change.

Will it?

Almost three months back all the CEOs of big-tech companies were being grilled at Capitol Hill to 'break their dominance'.

It is no surprise that almost a bulk of the digital ad revenues that are generated today is shared between Google and Facebook making this space almost a duopoly.

Recently Australia passed a law that makes it mandatory for Google to share ad revenues with news publishers for showcasing links in their search results.

In between complying with US litigation and GDPR regulations in the EU, Google has also made a statement that they intend to stop serving ads based on tracking surfer history and behaviour across websites by 2022.

On first reading of the last sentence, my initial reaction was - "Cute".

But this comes as a marked departure from how privacy concerns have been taken for granted since time immemorial. Clearly the shift of power is happening from publishers to creators.

Whether it's journalists moving away from media houses and creating their newsletters or streaming companies sharing revenues with record labels.

Is content the next layer of gold after data?

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