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Introducing the Dashboard | Elevate your experience

It’s been close to 9 months since I started the weekly webinar series in September, ‘20.

After multiple iterations, I have managed to create a dashboard that will help you in your investing journey and also leverage Beta to Alpha to full effect.


The guide contains 6 exhaustive sheets starting from Webinar Updates all the way to Tools.

Webinar Updates - Stocks

This sheet will cover the above details and will look something like this.

Pro Tip to Navigate this Sheet - Go Left to Right

Webinar Updates - Others

This sheet will cover the above details and will look something like this.

Pro Tip - Try covering these sessions first before getting into deep dive on companies.

Webinar Suggestions

This would cover the ‘Content Pipeline’ for the Weekly Webinar Series - if you wish to add suggestions or want me to speed up on some topic, feel free to write to me and say:

Portfolio Stocks

In the interest of full disclosure and highlight the ‘skin in the game’, this sheet would cover the list of portfolio stocks that may be held either in a personal capacity or through the family office.

Pro Tip - This is NOT investment advice. Please consult your advisor or do your own due diligence before investing.

Reading Links

This consists a mix of premium posts and curated articles from the internet that are timeless classics.

Beta to Alpha Premium Reads

Curated Reads from the Internet


Some of the Tools that will help you in your investing journey.

In case you’ve had the question on the subject of this e-mail on your mind, do not worry. I have heard this question from multiple subscribers.

Why should I go premium?
What does your premium membership bring in?
What is in it for me?

You get the drift, right?

So - here goes!

Access to the Dashboard

I had talked about in detail in an earlier post here. In case you haven’t had a look, don’t worry, read below ⬇️

A) Access to LIVE Weekly Webinars

Every week we have an interactive hour-long webinar on YouTube (Private Access Only, yes no need to install other apps, you can join in from phone, desktop, laptop, tablet, satellite - anything).

These webinars are typically around four broad categories:

  1. Company Deep Dives - A bulk of our sessions are around this. We try and dissect companies and look at competitive advantages for the companies alongside industry tailwinds. Typically the structure is as follows:

    • Industry Overview

    • Revenue Drivers for the Company

    • Catalysts / Tailwinds that make A/B exciting

    • Valuations - DCF, Forward P/E, EV/EBITDA

    • Risks

    • Optionality in Businesses

  2. Industry Analysis - An overview on a particular industry to understand the drivers / factors in play to ensure you get a complete understanding of the sector. For Instance - An Overview of the Paper / Hotel Sector etc.

  3. Concept Sessions - This would cover areas like understanding the basics when it comes to investing and valuations. For Instance - An Introduction to DCF, Understanding Real Estate Investing etc.

  4. Monthly Updates - Typically these would be around result updates of companies that we’ve covered earlier especially during the end of a particular month covering quarterly updates and going deep on their results.

Typically one can expect 40-45 webinars in a year. The endeavour however is to deliver 52.

B) Access to Premium Content

Every month we plan on doing one detailed post to bring some superior insights. These are exclusively available for our premium subscribers.

To get a sense of the range of topics, you can access the dashboard here.

In the pipeline - Webinar Transcripts.

C) Access to a Community of lifelong learners

The endeavour at Beta to Alpha has always been that we continue to keep learning together and keep growing as a community. Today, our cohort consists of first time investors, fund managers and even ex-CXO’s who interact every week and bring out the best in our discussions.

Let’s show you one example.

This week, we did a deep dive on Natco Pharma. The cohort helped in bringing out better insights.

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Who should consider Subscribing?

For Learners

  • If you are someone who wishes to learn and understand the idea behind dissecting companies and also take deep dives around industries or complex financial concepts.

  • Typically access to these learnings are reserved for the handful ‘elite’ of insiders working in the fund management industry.

For Active Investors

  • Typically the asset management industry charges anything between 2-4% based on the degree of involvement chosen (Mutual Fund / ETF / PMS etc.)

  • If you’re someone having a portfolio of ~10 lakhs being managed actively, think of the annual subscription as the management fee of ~1.8%. At 20, it becomes ~0.9% so on and so forth.

1-on-1 Consultation

Presently, I intend to do 1-on-1 Consultation on a weekly basis. Since this will involve more effort, I intend to open this for only 5 people.

If you wish to be a part of the ‘inner cohort’, book a consultation call here.Do you have any feedback for the above? Feel free to reply to this e-mail.

Click here to access the Dashboard.

Still on the free plan? Upgrade your membership for the full experience. Students can avail a special offer on the annual plan on a valid student ID.